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Takstar Pro 82 review — sound on a budget

by Mykhailo Khilko

Takstar brand is known to audiophiles for quite a time, first of all, as a brand that has provided successful models time after time, that demonstrated good sound quality without breaking bank account, and also because they have packed their headphones into quite large transportation cases similar to ones that are used by bands transporting their equipment. Let us speak about one of such models — Takstar Pro 82.

Accessories and packaging

I have already described the case that serves a great and solid packaging. Around it you get a cardboard box sporting model name, characteristics and all other things you expect to see in such cases if you don’t have a dust cover.

Such case makes us serious. Of course you can notice it is not made of metal, wood or other premium materials, but it copes with its functions quite well.

It is opened without any accidents, the fixating element is reliable and functional. Inside there is a lot of foam preventing headphones from damage. It has projections, and inside them we see the headphones themselves. Honestly, given the size and the effect of the case, it looks that headphones do not belong to it, especially given that they are smaller than projections. Black plastic also doesn’t look premium. But let’s not forget it is not a premium model after all with price around 70 USD. So, what do we get here? Headphones, cable and additional 3.5 to 6.3 connector. That’s all. You might even try and get rid of that inside phone and substitute it with some musical instrument, going to tour, but it can probably fit something like a blues harp.

Design and comfort

The headphones are rather compact in size. They are quite recognizable having the body similar to well known Audio-Technica M50 without folding ability. Of course there are some peculiarities. Upon the whole we have a convenient body with turnable ear cups that allow for comfortable wear on the move and if you need to fold headphones to wear around the neck. The ear cups and headband material is not leather of course, but rather soft and have correct weight to be comfotable.

Fit is not very tight but also not loose. The headphones are comfortable and provide rather good passive isolation — they are closed ones.

The outer part of ear cups are made of metal. It does not only add to durability but gives cool feeling when you put them on and off. This is, I think, the only metal in the construction and due to this fact the weight of headphones is not large. Thickness of plastic does not allow to call them flimsy and they feel rather reliable.

The cable is detachable and sports a 2.5mm jack buried inside the ear cup. Not the most logical solution for such case, but works well. The cable is reliably attached and stays in place.

Stock cable is rather usual, rounded, rather long (for desktop use). Of course we would like to see some portable offering as well but it is not here. It is rather soft, and it’s a plus. It has 3.5mm jack with ability to attach the switch to 6.3 screwed on top of 3.5mm one. I don’t know why it is important, but if it works, why not. However probably you won’t be able to use this stock accessory with another cable.

Another interesting design finding is the presence of bass ports in the lower part of ear cups — one per side. They have 3 positions depending on projection. Changing their settings you can turn closed-back cans to semi-open by opening one or two compensating projections. In the first position everything is closed. In the second — one projection is open. In the third two projections are open. They work like bass boost. In the closed variant we have more flat frequency range. One open projection adds accurate accent on lows and the second enhances it. It becomes more notable but less accurate. It does not make headphones bass head though, we speak about couple of dB extra in every case, it can be easily heard but still doesn’t change overall feel dramatically. With ports all open the headphones just go away from monitor sound and add some emotion and thickness, without warmth though. The following sound impressions are made for a closed variant.


First of all, the headphones are good with micro contrast and details. They do not try to astonish the listener and play without any preference and with honesty, not putting nuances out of context. Apart from that there is a good sound stage. In all the sound is rather flat, what we usually call monitor. It is rather whole but slightly more detailed and technical than we usually see in this frequency range.

Lows have good control. They transmit slams well and cope with speed and thickness good too. There is some weight lack due to dry presentation in stock variant. It seems intentional, since you can get rid of excessive dryness with bass ports.

Mids are rather good. They are detailed, technical and sound whole. Usually when we speak about inexpensive headphones, we get maximally warm, whole sound and mask the lack of details this way. Here, on the contrary, the level of details is high but it does not make the composition inconsistent. It just shows it honestly without prevailing of anything in the recording.

Highs sound clean and non-colored. We don’t get any extraordinary length here but due to rather good presence the headphones are not dark. They are rather detailed and transmit attacks well.

Soundstage is below average on both side, but not claustrophobic by any means. It pays more attention to width with good layering. No revelations here, again, but the sound is good.


Budget headphones that can be called flat and technical, but still rather musical. Good variant of monitor on budget.

Translated by: Vadim Kolchev

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