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Led Zeppelin – O2 Arena Magic

by Vadim Kolchev
Led Zeppelin Celebration album cover

Led Zeppelin… The name of the group is familiar to music lovers all over the world. Of course, it is no audiophile love, as Led Zeppelin did not care too much about audiophile wow-effect, but compensated with energetic that takes your attention and does not allow to switch to anything else.

So, what is non-audiophile recording doing here? The answer is simple – it is history, and it should be known. Especially given that we won’t dig into old times (and the last time the Zeppelin played the full set before the concert was 28 years ago), we’ll go just 10 years ago when all true fans have gone insane following the short reunion that has shown how the band still feels each other after those years of silence. Yes, we speak about the legendary comeback at O2-arena.

The concert was dedicated to Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic label, the initial home of Led Zeppelin. 20000 fans have come to see the band play and they have not been disappointed.

The only person missing was, of course John Bonham, whose place at the drums has been taken by has son – Jason. I will not dig into John’s death as it is the story that has been and is constantly told by the media (the same as Bonn Scott). Looking at Jason, some might have thought he won’t cope with the task, but it has not been the case at all, and he has shown it in the first composition of the night.

The set has begun from the first track of the first album – Good Times Bad Times, full of drive and energy. Upon the whole, Zeppelin have played almost all the hits, including Black Dog, In My Time of Dying, No Quarter, Since I’ve Been Loving you, as well as immortal Stairway To Heaven and Dazed and Confused. Sadly, the Immigrant Song was missing, but even without it the set list looked just great.

The concert went out on video as a film, the sound was worked on by Big Mick from Metallica.

The show has united more than 20 million fans all over the world and the concert organizers even had to sell the tickets in the form of lottery – so high the demand was.

Enjoy the Music!


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