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HiBy RS6 Android player — deeper than you thought

by Paul Dmitryev

HiBy managed to create a stylish and feature-packed Android player built with R-2R matrix DAC. But its features go beyond that, giving creators much deeper control over the sound

Official site: https://store.hiby.com/products/hiby-rs6

0:00 — Introduction
3:49 — Unboxing, accessories
5:08 — Design and controls
8:51 — Firmware
19:05 — Sound
28:01 — Pairings and conclusion

Tracks, mentioned in the review
Iron Maiden — Afraid To Shoot Strangers
The Prodigy — Diesel Power
The Heavy’s — Majestic Mix
Sigurður Rögnvaldsson’s Dark Forest — Manic Tsetse Fly
Dream Theater — Damage Inc. (official bootleg)
Anathema — Wildfires

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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