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Detailed video review of Astell&Kern KANN Alpha player

by Paul Dmitryev

A new digital audio player from A&K KANN series has the potential of becoming a best seller: relatively affordable price, tons of features, absolute versatility in terms of load, long battery lifetime, well-tuned sound, and signature level of usability

Official site: https://www.astellnkern.com/eng/content/shop/features.asp?mcg=CG110000&mpos=0&scg=CG210210&spos=3&tcg=&tpos=0&gcode=SC36280
Astell&Kern KANN review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHO-qRRj7tk

0:00 — Introduction
2:16 — Package and accessories set
3:26 — Design and controls
6:24 — Firmware
11:41 — Sound
21:53 — Pairings
23:12 — Comparisons

Tracks, mentioned in the review
Lingua Mortis Orchestra & Rage — Oremus
Dave’s True Story — Walk on the Wild Side (from “Rock Reimagined”)
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant — Since I’ve Been Loving You (live from “No Quarter”)
Motanka — Oy ty moya Zemle
Whiplash OST — Caravan
Leïla Martial — Dance Floor

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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