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Queen of Audio Vesper review — in the footsteps of emotions

by Mykhailo Khilko

I don’t know why small brands create sub-brands, but if it works, why not. We might think that Kinera would be a more expensive and premium brand, but given its lineup has quite a bit of budget offerings, the question remains open. Nevertheless, the company has a sub-brand called Queen of Audio, that uses cocktail names for its headphones. It’s a win-win strategy. There are many cocktails and probably if you choose any word from dictionary, it will be the name of cocktail. So, the Vesper name originates from cocktail as well, and it is the one of James Bond himself, but we won’t speak about agent, or cocktail, but about headphones themselves.

Accessories and packaging

To begin with, the model is quite budget and costs around 80 USD, and this price may differ depending on local taxes. So it is no surprise that inside the box we get a leatherette zipped pouch, some paperwork and ear tips. That’s it, but it’s okay, since it is a budget offering. The quality of IEMs doesn’t feel cheap though and this is not surprising since it is Kinera after all.

Design and comfort

The IEMs are made of medical resin of green color. Semi-transparency brings some veil of mystery. The faceplates are of the same color, sporting some abstract ornament and golden name of the model. The ornament looks having 3D-effect and is astonishing. I like it a lot.

The shape of IEM bodies is quite regular. It’s the universal version of custom-looking IEMs. It is clear that the ergonomics is well-thought and as a result we get rather compact and convenient body. They do not require deep insertion but don’t have problems with fit and tip. In my case I have found convenient tips very quickly, and it was a pleasant experience.

The nozzle has 2 non-covered holes. In classical understanding the nozzle doesn’t have projections for tip fixation, but the nozzle becomes narrower to its bottom and the tips are fixed just okay if the size is right.

The cable is detachable and has 2-pin connectors. The fixation is rather stiff, but you don’t need excessive power to detach it. I can’t say anything about the influence of cable on sound since I don’t have 2-pin cables for cable rolling. As for stock, it reminds of Kinera cables I have seen before. 8-cores in gray and brown isolation that look very good.
The braiding is usual. Cable is rather thick but not too bulky. It has audiophile feel for such non-expensive headphones. The cable is soft, light and rather convenient.


The sound is quite logical as well. What do most people like? Emotions. How can one achieve them? Enhance technical ability, separation, instruments shape and weight? Probably, but you can achieve wow-effect even easier, it is enough to provide IEMs with correct V-shape. It is simple, but 100% effective solution. Correct v-shape in this case means not too laid back mids and correct accent of lows and highs. The presentation should be technical enough without going excessively to macro details and this brings attention to recording peculiarities.

Lows are moderately deep and accentuated, not abundantly, but enough for bass not to disappear and to be evident and distinctive part of overall presentation. Due to good technical ability there is no feeling that the accent is moved to abundant weight. Upon the whole the lows sound a little dry and it does not influence speed, the slams are both quick and distinctive. Of course we might say that the shape of instruments is not ideal, but given the price we shouldn’t do that at all.
Due to slight emphasis in combination of good technical ability I can’t say the headphones prefer any genre. They are good both for electronic music and acoustic live instruments.

Mids are slightly laid back. However if the recording has many details, they do not disappear. The frequency range continues to tend to macro details but it is not overly so and there are no problems with detail transmission. Mids are detailed, technical, as the recording requires. But if it requires emotional and solid presentation, there are no problems too.

Highs correctly compensate the lows, but not to the full, so they are not abundant and obtrusive. Their amount is not critical and the presentation is somewhat smoothed. These IEMs don’t have regular problems of cheap armature offerings.

The soundstage is average. It is not striking in terms of depth but it is no surprise regarding the price tag. Width is more appealing. Due to dry presentation there is good layering and instrument shapes. Positioning is good. The borders of sound stage are insensible. Overall the soundstage is well perceived.

The headphones are average in terms of criticalness to recording quality. They work well with what you give them and do not overly underline recording faults.


The IEMs are a success. They are technical, detailed, but also emotional. Due to good sensitivity the player choice fully depends on sonic preference.

Translated by: Vadim Kolchev

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